About Us



About UsGoverdhan Group, with business interests in petroleum, petrochemicals, logistics and infrastructure. The Group’s activities spans across energy and infrastructure sectors.
Under the profound guidance of Shri Rajkumar Chandak having the experience of over 60 years in the petroleum and petrochemicals sector, we have been able to garner satisfied clients across the marketing network. With sharp business acumen and mentorship skill, we have been successful in registering our-self as a renowned name in the energy and infrastructure sectors.



The Group comprises a dynamic, young and experiences working team members having diverse experience of 30 years in field of energy and infrastructure. The Group strives hard to encash opportunities. At Goverdhan, we understand the criticality of the customer’s requirement and provide quality products and services.


The working group comprises of :
bullet Nilesh Mahajan B.E. MBA
bullet Rahul Udhoji B.E.
bullet Kapil Chandak B.Com MBA
bullet Nitin Dammani B.Com MBA


The working group provides a mix of youth and experience in their respective fields. Moreover the Group is committed and dedicated to it goals and vision.
The Groups objective is to provide end to end solutions to our valued customers and satisfy their requirement at par with the industry standards and excellence. At Goverdhan we understand the needs of the customer and ensure quality products and services to satisfy the customer.